Switch 6 porte 10/100M desktop 4 porte PoE Tenda TEF1106P



€ 30,66

Dettagli prodotto

Questo switch oltre ad offrire 4 porte di alimentazione PoE, ha 2 porte di uplink.

Ideale da usare con 4 telecamere PoE, 1 porta verso gli switch di rete per l'uplink e una porta per l'accesso diretto a un NVR. 

TEF1106P-4-63W is an unmanaged PoE switch with 2 uplink ports, independently designed by Tenda. Compliant with IEEE 802.3at/af standards, it can identify PoE-powered devices intelligently. The switch supplies a maximum PoE power output of 63 W, and 30 W for a single port. Featured with extend mode and QoS function, TEF1106P-4-63W is a ideal choice for SMBs, supermarkets and restaurants with small-sized video surveillance requirement.